The Geek Gig: Consetta Parker (Part 2)

Last week, Consetta Parker dazzled us with her publicity know-how and showed us some Star Wars enthusiasm that could rival that of a poor college student finding out about Ikea.  Today, I'm finishing up this interview by focusing on this talented lady on a more personal level.  Did you know Consetta is married to a Stormtrooper?  You will soon.

How did you become a geek or develop what geekiness was already there?  Summarize your geek conversion/growing-up story.  
I believe I was pre-disposed to follow the path of a geek and my family sensed it, too. ;)  I remember overhearing my grandma telling my mom she was “worried” about me when I was about three years old.  It may have had something to do with the fact she had bought me a really expensive baby doll as a gift and I was terrified of it (not the reaction she was hoping for).  As soon as the adults looked away I ran outside and buried it in the field behind our house so it wouldn’t “get me” while I was sleeping. I adored my grandma more than anything but she always tried to get me to play with dolls and “girl” stuff.  She finally gave up this attempt by the time I was 10 and began giving me stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes for me to “rescue” and toys like Nerf Guns and trading cards. :)
Our family didn’t have a lot of money so we didn’t go on vacations or out much… but we were happy and that’s all that mattered!  I had an aunt and uncle that used to offer to take us all to the movies once in a while as a treat and it was a really BIG deal for us to get to go out and do something -- and I loved the movies.  But one summer day in 1977 my mom yelled out to me as I played in the field behind our house and said, “Would you like to go see that Star Wars movie with Aunt Lucille and Uncle Clifford?!” – That was a true turning point for me.  I was 6 years old and my life forever changed as I sat mesmerized for two hours watching Star Wars.  My true inner geek began to blossom and my love for Star Wars grew stronger the entire time I was growing up.  By the time I was about 10 years old I had some major goals set for myself: 1) work in movies somehow so I could learn how Star Wars Magic was made, 2) work in radio so I could be a DJ and run my own Star Wars soundtrack-only radio station, 3) someday meet Han Solo, 4) save as many animals as I could, 5) find a boy who loved Star Wars as much as I did.  These goals set me on a journey that guided me my entire life and into adulthood and I never lost hope that dreams do come true. :)
How did you meet your husband and how were you proposed to?
Consetta and Garet
(Picture copyright Consetta Parker)
My trooper and I met on May 4, 2005, at 9 a.m. on the back porch of the main house at Skywalker Ranch.  Over the course of our first year together we had often talked about that morning and had discussed the fact that we should re-enact that morning each May 4. One year later, on the morning of on May 4, 2006, Garet asked me to meet him outside on the back porch of our house at 9 a.m.  He also suggested I wear the same clothes I had worn the morning in 2005. I remembered exactly what I had worn so it didn’t take me long to get dressed and memories washed over me as I did. It had been a cold, rainy morning in 2005 and I was having total “chick” moments that day trying to figure out what to wear knowing I was going to get all wet and most likely look like a wet rat all day -- ha!  As I walked outside on that beautiful sunny day in 2006 (total opposite of the rainy May 4 the year before), I looked down and saw a small piece of carpet on the concrete.  I then heard a familiar sound…the clanking of Stormtrooper armor walking towards me (exactly what I had heard the year before).  I looked to my right and saw my trooper, in his full armor, walk around the corner of our house and towards me. He then got down on one knee, using the piece of carpet I had seen on the concrete to protect his knee and armor.  As tears swelled up in my eyes, I saw him hold up a ring box.  He opened it up and I saw a big, beautiful, silver Stormtrooper head ring as I heard the words, “Consetta, will you marry me?”  Without hesitation “yes” sprung from my lips, he slipped the giant stormtrooper ring on my finger (it didn’t come in my size and it didn’t matter -- it was perfect), and I embraced my trooper.  A knowing washed over me that I’ll never forget.  I knew I was exactly where I should be and I was truly happy. I had never been so sure of anything in my entire life.
Besides Star Wars, what are some of your other geeky obsessions or hobbies? 
I adore E.T., I’m a huge Buffy fan, and Spike was and always will be my favorite!  It’s funny because when I was little I was quite the loyalist to Star Wars!  I felt I was doing something wrong if I watched any other sci-fi movie or show so I remained pure to Star Wars (ha!), so now in my so-called adulthood I’ve discovered and embraced many things and enjoy them all… such as BSGStar TrekTrue BloodWolverine, and I love HALLOWEEN so I love scary movies!  I’m a Michael Myers girl though.  Jason is ok, but was just never my thing.  ;)  I also run a stuffed animal rescue (and a Star Wars toy rescue) -- it’s kind of like the island of misfit plush toys.  I’ve always loved animals so when I was little I used to get really upset when I’d see another kid looking at stuffed animals then throw them back on the shelf or worse just drop them on the floor.  So now, if I witness this happening or find a stuffed animal on the floor of any store I immediately want to give it a good home (I realize I have issues but I’m ok with that-ha!).  I can’t stand the thought of homeless animals... real or plush!  I also love & collect Hello Kitty… a lot (see that whole animal theme continuing here?!).
How can you integrate nerdiness into everyday life without people thinking it's "lame?"
The answer is simple yet not easy.  You can’t worry about it.  Everyone is different.  You won’t always agree or like every single person you meet and vice versa, but we can all learn from each other and be more accepting. If you get consumed with what everyone else is thinking you’ll go crazy.  Take the blinders off and see the whole view.  It’s amazing what you can see without losing sight of who you are. 
Consetta with an Athena Studios Vader.
(Picture copyright Consetta Parker)

Thank you, Consetta, for sharing a peek into the Star Wars working world and your geeky personal life, as well!


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