CCI Christian Protests = Nothing Accomplished

In case you missed it, I wrote a post this past weekend for The Grizzly Bomb about how the Christian protests at Comic-Con are essentially pointless.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.  Enjoy!

Christians never cease to baffle me.

When I read about the Westboro Baptist Church’s protest of Comic-Con International, I had to make sure that I did not turn around and punch a hole in the wall.  Then I had to laugh maniacally at their antics.  Then I just had to shake my head.


Geoker said...

(Few days late, but...)

I found this interesting and surprisingly relatable in a way. I feel like there is an odd fitting place for people who believe in God and enjoy the simple, nerdy things in life! Just recently, two mothers of teenaged daughters were talking to me after a church service and we were discussing seeing movies in theaters. They had both talked about taking their daughters to go see Twilight; even when I cringed, they assured me it was actually "quite enjoyable". I went on to say that my favorite theatrical experience (up until that point at least!) was seeing the Lord of the Rings trilogy in theaters because nothing quite compares to the big screen. I was immediately criticized as, according to them, Lord of the Rings was quite evil and they did not even know why I would even allow such evil into my life. I tried to explain the Christian aspects and how Tolkien himself was a believer and these two ladies would not have it. I almost feel like it's an expression of ignorance on their level-- and sadly a lot of Christians have that same mindset. Now, I suppose I would be stereotyping, but I don't know how coincidental it would be for another girl who used to attend the church, as geeky as me, feeling left out and shunned as the pariah. I wonder if actions like this protest, and tinier ones like the ladies at the church, fall under the same category and could be dealt with in the same ways!

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