My Geeked Up Life: Best. Barbies. Ever.

Even though I was a geeky girl who played with dinosaurs and action figures, there were those days I still pulled out my model horses or even my Barbies.  I never thought much about the way the Barbies looked, though nowadays I find it absolutely atrocious how anatomically incorrect they are, which is why I will not allow my future daughters to obsess over them.  However, I am seriously willing to put aside all skepticism about Mattel's misrepresentation of the female body when I see these bad-ass beauties:

Empress of the Aliens, indeed.

Goddess of the Galaxy, no questions asked.

One glance is all I needed - I want these dolls.  Like something out of a Lady Gaga closet, these Barbies' out-of-this-world wardrobes make me forget their unrealistic figures.  Just imagine the cosplay possibilities here!  These dolls outfits could provide hours of crafting entertainment.   The outfits also remind me of Katy Perry's different styles in her "E.T." music video, all of which are already on my costuming to-make list.  Too bad I still haven't purchased my very belated Christmas gift of a sewing machine.

The dolls are listed on the Barbie Collector website, but are both sold out (I can see why).  You can view more images for each doll on their pages:

Did you recently find a geeky toy you simply can't wait to own?  Share it with me! 


JeriWB said...

Hmmm, maybe if I had any Barbies that looked that cool when I was a kid I wouldn't have tied strings around their neck and dangled them off a bridge before plunking them into the river! Seriously, though they are impressive. Do you remember Jem dolls? She was an Amazon compared to Barbie coming in at 12 inches. I liked her rocker style and flashing earrings quite a bit!

I'll post this to my FB author page as well!

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