The Ship (About Blog)

The Blog's Purpose

If you haven't already, first read about me on "The Captain" page.

Once you've read about my history, you should better understand why this site exists, and this is because I am a busy, busy gal and want some help making sure I use my free time wisely.  Since I can't possibly spend all my time finding AND experiencing new areas of the geek world, I'm hoping that this blog will do the job for me.  I want feedback from readers on geeky/nerdy items I may not have experienced before so I can continue to develop my awareness of all things geek.

Every time I am able to investigate a recommendation for a new book, movie, TV show, video game, or website, (or anything else I may have forgotten, like comic books... my bad), I'll write about my experience in a new blog post.  I'll of course also be posting randomly when I have topics I want to discuss; you can feel free to respond to these posts, as well!  I love getting discussions going and people thinking, whether this be about serious, philosophical matters or not.  Do note that I tend to look haughtily down upon people who are illogical, and disdainfully upon those who are stupid and/or rude.

So... please share your wealth of geek/nerd knowledge, and ultimately, enjoy the opportunity to shape someone's life for the better!

The Blog's Title

Since the goal of my blog is to become more knowledgeable in all things geek, I hope the title is self-explanatory.  If it's not, the teacher side of me wants to try to help you understand if you care to contact me (though I might pity you a bit).  

Also, Geek My Life is a play on the often-overused phrase "f&$# my life."  That's right, I put it in symbols.  I believe the f-word is highly overused in our culture to the point that it essentially means nothing and does not denote any careful diction on the part of the person who uses it.  Because of this belief, I wanted to "redeem" the phrase to make it sound more positive, more uplifting, more geeky.  I think it'll work.

The Blog's Current Theme

The very first theme I picked for my blog was R2-D2 because Star Wars was one of the very first geek loves of my life.  And who doesn't just adore R2?  In fact, I think Bonnie Burton may have married him at one of the conventions... yep, here's her story on that:
"Romancing the Droid: Why I Married R2-D2"