Geek My Life is moving!

In my continuing quest to build my own place on the Internet, I have decided to self-host my blog and get a domain name.  Now I'll be able to make my own layouts and install awesome widgets and lots of other techie things that make my little geek heart all a-flutter.

What this means for you is that I need all of you to do me a favor, if you like my writing or me (or both, hopefully) enough to do so:

Follow Geek My Life at its new location - http://www.geekmylife.net.

That's it.  You go to that address, type your email into the "Subscribe" area on the right side of the screen under the picture, and you're done.  You'll continue to get email updates just like you do now (or don't, if you only follow my blog via Blogger feed).  Alternatively, if you are already on Wordpress.com or .org, you can log into your account before you visit my site, and choose to follow me that way via the little "Follow" button on the bottom corner of the site.


I will start posting on my new site starting tomorrow.  Though I'll keep this Blogger site up for a while yet, I will NOT be posting new content here, nor will I be approving comments.  Everything must go through geekmylife.net!  Also, note that if you go to geekmylife.COM, you're in the wrong place - the guy hasn't updated in over two years, and I know I'm not always consistent at updating but I'm better than that. :)

I look forward to seeing you there!