Xbox 720: Yay or Nay?

Concept only; Microsoft doesn't like green anymore.

What’s double the number 360?  That’s right, it’s 720.  If you couldn’t get that, you should probably review your multiplication tables.  Why is 720 so important here?  Because that’s the newest version of Xbox that the Internet is buzzing about since last week’s E3.

Read the rest of my 720 thoughts on my article over at GrizzlyBomb.com!


Happy Vader's Day!

Some of you may know I pride myself on being Dutch.  Though the Dutch reside in a small country, we've offered quite a lot to the world.  Because it's Father's Day, I'm going to discuss just such one of these things we've offered the world -- the geek world, that is.

In the Dutch language, there are many words that can be used for father, but my favorite choice has to be vader.  As soon as I discovered what this word meant, something clicked in my head and I thought, "Of COURSE.  That makes so much sense!"  Vader equals father, and Darth Vader is Luke and Leia's father.  Kudos to you, Lucas.

Who's your daddy?

There are of course debates as to whether or not Lucas actually had this meaning in mind when he named one of the most famous characters of all time. I don't care if he did either way; the coincidence is enough to make me proud to be both Dutch and a geek.  It also makes me even prouder to say "happy father's day" to my dad.

So for all you dads out there, geeks and non-geeks alike, happy Vader's day!  We love you (even when you cut off our hands and all that).


My Geeked Up Life: Felicia Wins at Music... Again.

Felicia Day has come out with a new music video.  It's country.  And somehow, I love it.

Let me explain what I mean about "it's country... somehow, I love it."  Most of you know who Felicia Day is, and if you don't you should probably stop reading right now and go repent before her fans shun you for eternity.  Here's a quick run-down for the nerdily inept: Felicia gained attention as the writer, producer, and star of the web series The Guild and has rapidly grown to be geekdom's go-to girl, with her quirky comedy and creative talents that span everything from old-school Nintendo systems to taking a crack at ice sculpture for her show The Flog (a production of her YouTube channel, Geek&Sundry).  Many of you probably think what I do when I see a new project of hers: "This girl just doesn't stop!"

This is the song and music video Felicia just released three days ago with Jason Charles Miller; it's called "Gamer Girl, Country Boy."  Felicia and Jason wrote the song together and, in Felicia's words from The Flog, "went to town; there is unnecessary cosplay all over the place."

According to Bonnie Burton's Facebook page, Felicia was apparently receiving lots of negative feedback about this video (i.e. flaming, spiteful, trolling, just-plain-MEAN garbage).  Within three days the video's hit 142,000 views, but has roughly 2000 negative likes despite there being around 9400 positive likes.  That's approximately 1 negative like for every 4 positives.  (You see all my clarifying, vague words there, such as around and approximately?  That's right, I'm totally not a math teacher.)

Despite the fact that there is a general lack of civil interaction online, I am honestly surprised more people didn't like this video.  I think this video displays yet another singing and writing talent of Felicia's; honestly, how many geeks care to delve into writing or performing country music?  She's already done a dance song, a Bollywood-inspired song, and a rock song for The Guild.  Country just seems like a logical next step in this plethora of genres.

I will say I for one avoid country in such a way that if it were embodied in the last living human male on earth, I would die a slow and painful death instead of marrying him, procreating, and saving the human race.  Growing up in Arizona means you have country all around because many Arizonans readily accept the cowboy lifestyle the rest of the nation assumes we lead.  Then I moved to the Midwest, where the farmers also tend to listen to lots of country.  That much country music drove me completely away, much like how over-zealous or shallow Christians tend to drive people to any other religion but that one.

However, Felicia and Jason's video has opened my mind to the fact that maybe country and geekdom can co-exist.  After all, Firefly continues to be a fan favorite (then again, it's really difficult to not accept Nathan Fillion's portrayal of a kick-ass space cowboy).  Country and geekdom -- it's an odd mash-up, but like Felicia and Jason sing, "Couldn't let you go, even though/We come from different lives.  So when you're lookin' for love, open your eyes/It might be outta regular sight."

I suppose from hereonout I must take their advice when I'm unsure that something will "mix" properly with the geek world.  Gamer girls have always been all right, so perhaps country boys are, too.