Happy Vader's Day!

Some of you may know I pride myself on being Dutch.  Though the Dutch reside in a small country, we've offered quite a lot to the world.  Because it's Father's Day, I'm going to discuss just such one of these things we've offered the world -- the geek world, that is.

In the Dutch language, there are many words that can be used for father, but my favorite choice has to be vader.  As soon as I discovered what this word meant, something clicked in my head and I thought, "Of COURSE.  That makes so much sense!"  Vader equals father, and Darth Vader is Luke and Leia's father.  Kudos to you, Lucas.

Who's your daddy?

There are of course debates as to whether or not Lucas actually had this meaning in mind when he named one of the most famous characters of all time. I don't care if he did either way; the coincidence is enough to make me proud to be both Dutch and a geek.  It also makes me even prouder to say "happy father's day" to my dad.

So for all you dads out there, geeks and non-geeks alike, happy Vader's day!  We love you (even when you cut off our hands and all that).


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