Time to Catch Up, GGN Style

So I've been... busy.

Quitting your job would seem like it'd free up more time for you to write, wouldn't it?  So far, that hasn't been the case.  I keep finding lots of house chores, freelance writing decisions, and geek websites to distract me from posting on here.  However, I realized that part of why I've been busy is because I'm writing two articles per week for Geek Girls Network (GGN).  Did I ever reveal that before on this blog?  No?  Shame on me.

As a writing intern for GGN, I get to wax eloquent every Thursday and Friday over anything I get opinionated about in the geek world.  It's a great way to get my raging and raving rants out of my head, and also to meet new people who may or may not agree with me.

In case you haven't been following my articles over there, I've collected all of them for you (this is obviously not a humble brag post), because there's no one link I can send you to over at GGN to see my articles listed on their own.  Feel free to pick and choose, read them all, or disregard, though that last option may make you the unfortunate subject of my next article.

I won't keep posting these on Geek My Life every week; I'm only doing so now because I know some of my followers are email-only friends and family who may not be aware of how to find my articles.  So, yes, you can stop calling me vain.

"Tauriel, Shmauriel: Does 'The Hobbit' NEED a Female Character?" - posted August 2

"Christian Bale: Indisputably Incredible" - posted August 2

"The Next Top Role Model: Ashley Eckstein" - posted August 3

"Xbox Live Clans Are The Devil." - posted August 3

"Megan Fox: Certified Bimbo" - posted August 9

"Cosplay Critics Have Their Own Issues" - posted August 10

"Stop Inviting Me to Klout, or Why Klout Has Crossed a Line" - posted August 16

"Wedding Wares For The Geeky Couple!" - posted August 17

"I Don't Wear Geek, Therefore I Am Not Geek" - posted August 23

"Dream Job: Rooster Teeth FTW!" - posted August 24

"Why I Despise Not Having TV" - posted August 30

"I Love Not Having TV" - posted August 31

"Shadow and Bone: Let's See What Book 2 Brings" - posted September 6

"Who's Really at Fault for the Sexualization of Women in Geek Culture?" - posted September 7

"Felicia Day Gave Me Her Number (In My Dream, and Not Like That)" - posted September 13

"On Occasion, Being a Geek Stresses Me Out" - posted September 14


JeriWB said...

Based on the titles alone, I'd say I'll have to venture over and check a few of them out!

Jon Christie said...

I know what you saying, I quit my job (maybe too soon) and am striving to be full time YouTube/Livestream/Interneter?/and more!

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