Celebrate Geek Pride Day!

In honor of it being Geek Pride Day (or rather, in honor of it having been Geek Pride Day, since it's almost over where I live), I decided to finally post a picture of my newest geek apparel procurement:

We love ya, Kermit.

Yes, that is me, and no, I didn't feel like showing my face because I hated my hair at the moment.  Focus on the shirt, people.  It's awesome.  I like it a lot better than this Kermit getup:

Um... what?

I've yet to wear my new shirt to work but I'm hoping that when I do, I get some good feedback that I can post here (unlike Lady Gaga's outfit, I'm sure)!  If you want your own "Geek is Chic" Kermit shirt, you can purchase it on Amazon, though I found mine at Macy's for only $9 on sale.  *does a Dutch High Dance, hereafter known as a DHD*


Joseph Ramirez said...

That shirt is extremely righteous. Way to go.

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