Geek Art Discovery #1

I'm going to apologize/warn right off the bat that this post is not about why we love science fiction and fantasy, even though I said I'd respond to your comments and inform you of my own opinion on the matter.  I do promise I'll get to that post soon; however, as soon as I checked out an Etsy site my long-time friend told me about, I felt compelled to share the knowledge of this geeky art collection.

The shop is called Line Draw, and it's run by Mike Joos.  He has no information about his Napoleon Dynamite-esque art or why he draws on his Etsy profile, but he links to his blog which says that he draws "original geeky illustrations."  This, my friends, is an understatement.  Mike draws anything from Darth Vader riding an AT-AT like a horse to superheroes riding bikes with tires made from their very own logos.  Here are some of my personal favorites after I browsed his store:

Apparently Boba Fett forgot where he parked the Slave I.
Somehow I think Dobby would disagree
with Gollum's choice to abandon his master.
Aww... peace on Earth.  And other places.

Original, indeed.  I'd probably also coin some of Mike's work as off-the-wall, like his unicorn series where he turns comic book or movie characters into unicorns (let me tell you, the Hulkicorn is a fellow).  Also, he has prints of unicorns wearing oxygen tanks, swimming in the ocean with various creatures like the Loch Ness monster, a narwhal, and a mermaid.  There are also unicorns dressed as superheroes, if you want more unicorn options.

Mike also has some other pieces that non-geeks will appreciate, like prints of different dog breeds and "I love my state" pieces that strategically place states' outlines within a heart shape.  You could probably buy your mom a dog piece, your dad the state piece, your sister the cat on roller skates print, and an utterly geeked-out print for yourself.  Everyone wins!


Heather said...

These are so awesome. Literally so many that make me laugh out loud. One of my other favourites was the "Best Friends" series with the gems Big Foot + Chewbacca and Boba Fett + Dog the Bounty Hunter. Good times and my type of art gallery!

Joseph Ramirez said...

The best friends picture made me laugh. I think I'm in love with your blog.

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