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You have possibly just stumbled across one of the most life-changing blogs ever... of all time.  Here's how it works.  Do you remember those books that used to be popular before RPGs were invented?  The ones that let you choose which page to turn to next -- "choose your own adventure," if you will?

This blog is just like that... except for the decisions you make will affect me, not you.

How about that?  You get to change someone's life!  That's what I meant by "one of the most life-changing blogs ever... of all time."

All kidding aside, I honestly do want help from my readers, and I don't think you'll be helping just me.  If you read the "About Me" page, you'll see that I've been a geek for a while, but I have only just recently started having the desire to participate openly with the growing geek culture online.  The easiest and best way for me to do that right now is to blog about geek experiences I have through a new post at least once every two weeks, possibly even more often than that if my fancy leads me down such paths.

This is where you come in: anytime your fancy leads you down this path, I want you to give me your suggestions for improving my geek life.  You can do this by leaving me a comment on any of my posts, or through the contact information I have listed on the "Contact Me" page.  The types of suggestions I'm looking for are as follows:
  • a book I may not have touched before
  • a comic book I should read
  • a game that cannot be passed up
  • a film that needs to be seen before I die
Need more guidelines?  Easy.  I adore science fiction and fantasy genres, and superheroes are pretty darn hard to beat, too.  Apocalypse stories are always a welcome bit of intensity, as are zombie stories.  Actually, hilarious zombie stories are the best, like Shaun of the Dead.  Console, computer, and tabletop/board games are fabulous.  You can throw in some nerdy topics there, too; I don't really see a huge difference between the two, other than I am simply NOT into the latest gadgets (yes, I don't have an Android smartphone OR an iPad).

What I hope to accomplish in this blog is a continual discovery and consistent growing of knowledge in my life for all things geek.  Hopefully, if I write thoughtful, unique, or even just delightful posts, whether inspired by my own findings or from your suggestions, I think we can all benefit from this little experiment.  So start sharing and suggesting; I'm looking forward to see how you're going to geek my life.


Jesse said...

Hooray for new blogginess! I wish it well, and will plaster it everywhere.

Geoker said...

-The Umbrella Academy volumes 1 and 2 are fantastic and oddly brilliant comic book reads. They're about a ragtag group of super hero siblings who hate each other! The series is still being made, but it's still on hiatus.

-If you haven't yet, The Walking Dead is a great comic series and TV show. If you can get ahold of either, definitely watch it!

-The Crow is a great cult classic best known as a movie, as Brandon Lee's last film (he was accidentally killed during shooting) and was a comic series before it was the 1994 movie. I didn't read the comics, but the movie is definitely worth reading! There are several other movies, but the original is definitely the best.

Jason said...

You've probably read them but just in case:
Ender's Game
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series (aside: the movie was terrible)

And more from the dystopian side:
Fahrenheit 451
Brave New World

Heather said...

I have to suggest the board game Arkham Horror. Even with just the base version, so many different game possibilities and hours of fun.

Anonymous said...

a game that can not be passed up.....

Manic Miner on the ZX Spectrum!

JeriWB said...

Try to see the Flash Gordon movie that came out in the early 80's. It's totally campy and was one of my first initiations into geekdom.

Jess Kloppy said...

I'll go through my bookshelf for you. Trust me. You'll be busy for a while.

HazMatt said...

I would strongly recommend the Eregon series (Inheritance Cycle). I actually put it on the same level as the Lord of the Rings series, of which I am a long time fan. Eregon the movie was horrible, however, and I regret seeing it.

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